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Hotel info

Alba is located about 50 metres away from the beach. You cross its green garden and the sea greets you. You will appreciate its proximity to the central beach during the days as well as in the evening, when you can go for a walk along the shore alley – all the bars and other attractions are close to you.
The Hotel building is located in the middle of a gorgeous garden. Unique plant species, well-maintained alleys, tranquil greenery all around you – it is a great place for romantic night walks and daily rest with a magazine in hand.
If you don’t like staying at the beach, you can go for a swim in one of our two large swimming pools.
Greenery, water, sun, cocktails within an arm’s reach, a comfortable deck chair – what more could you possibly need for your vacation? One of the pools features a special section with mini aqua-park for children. You can let them play in the water without any worries and enjoy your rest. Your children will surely enjoy the variety of games, entertainment and other activities, which we offer in our children’s mini-club.
These are only a few of the reasons why you should choose Hotel Alba for your vacation.
Take a look at the services we offer and the accommodation conditions. Familiarise yourself with the specialties in the menu of our master chefs and the selected drinks we offer.
Enjoy a wide range of food, sweets and drinks that will accompany you during the entire holiday.
For your car the hotel has parking places. When they are occupied the hotel will provide for you another parking place nearby.