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Visit one of the best-for-living cities in Bulgaria and major Black Sea harbour – Burgas. The city is located 36 kilometres away from Hotel Alba and offers various comforts and entertainment for its guests.

There are 264 buildings in Burgas that have been declared cultural monuments. Most of them are located near the pedestrian-only downtown area. The oldest buildings of Burgas are the baths built by Suleiman I(1520-1566)and the “St. Anastasia” monastery, which is located on the eponymous island, 6km into the sea.

There are many museums, temples and fortress ruins within the city.

Another remarkable sight is the Sea Garden, which is a favorite place to go for a walk. It covers an area of nearly 150 acres and houses numerous cultural monuments, such as the Pantheon of Fallen Soldiers, the Sea Casino and the Summer Theatre.
Since 1973, the popular music contest of “Burgas and the Sea” has been held at the Summer Theatre, and the most popular Bulgarian singers have taken part in it.

Since2008, one of the most remarkable musical events in Southeast Europe is the “Spirit of Burgas” festival. it is held during the second week of August and is attended by some of the greatest world stars.
Every year, from the month of July to the middle of September, a festival of sand sculptures is held at the Sea Garden, at which you can see the figures of sea creatures, movie characters, fairy tales, castles and others. Some of the sculptures are more than 8 metres in height.

Among the natural sights of the region are the four lakes of Burgas. They make up the largest group of coastal lakes and include the Atanasovsko, Pomoriysko, Mandrensko and Burgasko lakes. The Burgas Lake is the largest natural lake in Bulgaria with its area of 27.6 km2 and depth of 1.3 m. It is inhabited by many species of fish, while ornithologists have counted 254 different bird species.