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Located 70 km south of Hotel Alba is another antique city replique montre rolex founded by the Ancient Greeks – Sozopol, the heir of the Greek colony of Apolonia and, along with Nesebar, one of the oldest cities in Bulgaria.

The ancient Apolonia is one of the first areas of the Balkan Peninsula to be touched by Chriatianity. According to a legend, the Apostle Andrew passed through Apolonia on his way to Scythia, thus converting the first Christians in Bulgarian lands. Over the last few years, recent archeological discoveries have turned the city into a hob for the so-called pilgrimage tourism.

In 2010 Bulgarian archeologists found a beautiful marble reliquary built into the centre of a church’s altar. Many believe that these are the remains St. John the Baptist. The discovery was made while excavating the ruins of the St. John the Baptist Church on the island of Sveti Ivan near Sozopol. Apart from these relics, Sozopol is also the home of a piece of the cross that Jesus Christ was crucified on.

The old part of the town is famous for its numerous chapels, which can be seen pretty much everywhere.
In 2011 the city won the contest “Wonders of Bulgaria.”

At the City Museum of Antique Art in Sozopol are exhibited many decorated vases, coloured glass vessels, jewelry, amphorae and anchors. You can also visit the “Thracian Khan” museum and the museum complex “Southern Fortress Wall and Tower.”
Pilgrimage tourism has been on the rise in Sozopol, especially since the discovery of the burial sites of medieval vampires, which are among the city’s famous  sights. Archeologists found a skeleton stabbed with an iron stake through the chest. The medieval inhabitants of the city believed that this was the way to prevent the bodies from turning into undead.