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Visit Varna, located 94 km away, referred by many as the Sea Capital of Bulgaria. Make sure you visit the Dolphinarium and enjoy the unforgettable demonstrations of the trained dolphins, visiting from Festa Dolphinarium.

Even if you are not enthusiastic about archeology, you will surely be impressed by the Roman Spa baths in Varna. They are very well preserved remains from some of the largest antique baths on the Balkan Peninsula. The date back to the late 2nd – early 3rd Century AD when the Balkan provinces of the Roman Empire flourished.

Another remarkable place, only 18 km westward of Varna, is the “Pobiti Kamani” (“The Planted Rocks”). They are an exceptionally rare geological phenomenon, not only for Bulgaria, but or the entire continent as well. According to geologists, this extraordinary natural phenomenon was formed naturally about 50 million years ago in the Eocene era, when the entire southeastern part of Europe was the bottom of the World ocean. The amazing landscape that will stretch before your eyes is reminiscent of a documentary about the ancient times of dinosaurs or a sci-fi movie about distant planets.

There are, of course, many impressive churches in Varna, such as the Cathedral “Sv. Uspenie Bogorodichno.”

Within the city’s Sea Garden you can see not only the Dolphinarium, but also the Military-Maritime Museum, the Summer Theatre, the Zoo, the Planetarium and the Aquarium.