Beauty salon | Hotel Alba | Sunny Beach


Beauty Salon

In our beauty shop, ladies could pamper themselves and suprise their better halves with a new, more attractive appearance.
You can have the hairstyle of your dreams. Our stylists are among the most qualified in their field and if you trust them, you will be quite agreeably surprised by your new looks.
Young girls, elderly ladies and even men which are concerned about how they look, will profit from the skills of the manicurists and pedicurists of the salon. According to individual preferences and in order to feel really irresistible and desired, they could choose among nail art plasticsor distinguished, business, modern or traditional manicure styles.
Do not leave the pedicure without consideration, it also attracts attention during the hot summer days at the beach. The procedure for feet relaxation bring you extra tone, and the elegant look of your feet makes a pleasant impression on others.
During the summer, your body needs extra hydratation. Visit the cosmetologists of Hotel Alba and have the needed facial to improve the elastisity and the youth of your face skin.Do not forget that it has to be regularly maintained to retain its natural beauty over a longer period.
Profit from the beauty salon of Hotel Alba; now you are on vacation and this is the right time to take care of yourself.